The civil security,is the main human antagonist in the campaign.Edit

They have the following ranks:

Lite:The foot soldiers of the Civil Security.They have a helmet that has a wider visor than the heavy,and it is circular.They do not have large backpacks like the bosses and heavy's.They are the fastest of the civil security.They tend to use pistols and assault rifles,and may appear with higher tech weaponry.

Heavy:A higher rank than the lites,but not as high as the bosses.They have a helmet that has a "slit" for a visor.There helmet points backwords.They use the best weapons the civil security has.

Boss:The highest rank of the civil security.They have a helmet that is identical to the lite's helmet,but has red stripes over it.They have the body identical to an heavy.They also use the best weapons the civil security has.

Ghost:Looks exactly like a lite,but is invisible and has black armor and a green visor.

Weapons of the civil security:

Pistol:Fires one shot.Used mainly by the civil security,basic sidearm.

Assault rifle CS-RC.Rapid fire rifle.A very,very low recoil.It also has very little-to no cool down when shooting.Tends to be used by lites in the middle of campaign,and heavy's at the beginning.

Shotgun CS-DAZ:Used by proxy,although sometimes used by civil security.

Railgun:Used by lites in the middle of the campaign,but heavy's sometime use's this in the early levels.

Heavy railgun:Almost always used by heavys in the middle/end of the campaign.

Rocket Launcher:Anti-Vehicle weapon.Used by all classes,except for ghost.

PlasmaGun CS-BLOOM:Used by the lites,heavy's,and bosses.This weapon has slow projectiles that cause large damage.This will show up in the middle of the campaign.

Houndwalker-CS:Vehicle of the civil security;


  • CS is placed in many weapons the civil security use.This is a possiblity this stands for:"Civil Security".
  • The pistol is sometimes considered the 3rd best weapon in the game.
  • Heavy looks very much like the EDF Troopers from Red Faction:Gurilla (please recheck if i spelled anything wrong!)
  • Any civil security rank(except ghost) can be used in multiplayer.
  • There is a red and blue version of the civil security lite for multiplayer.
  • The team for Civil security on multiplayer is team 11.
  • The multiplayer team for civil security is spelled:Citizen Security.